Favorite Photo to Quilt

by Grace Errea

This 1-day class is for beginners as well as advanced students. In this class you will get a number of tools and learn the steps required to turn inspirational original photos to make a pattern that can be used to create an amazing fabric art. You will be amazed at how easy it is to convert these inspirational photos into easy patterns that will become textile art that you will be proud to display and hang.

We will start our journey by exploring the use of Value as the key to creating exceptional art quilts. Students will see value in a new way and will be able to apply it to the creation and enhancement of their work. You will never again stress about color or even pay attention to it. You will create your own "Gray Scale" with fabrics provided by the teacher.

Next we will look at photos provided by the teacher and will practice by creating simple patterns using values and colors of the photo as a guide. Grace will provide the photos and also her pattern interpretation for these photos to compare and learn the technique of looking, finding the shapes and creating the pattern.

Finally, and with your own inspirational original photograph, you will continue the journey by creating a pattern from your favorite photo. We will explore composition, how to give your selection perspective, depth, 3-dimensionality, and how to enhance your focal point.

Students are encouraged to contact me by email in advance of the class to discuss their image choices and any other questions they may have at

NOTE: If you are planning to attend the "Introduction to the Heat-Set Applique" class on 9/30/2017 and want to use this pattern, please talk to Grace about enlargement options so that you can bring correctly sized pattern to that class.

Kit provided by the teacher will include color photos and pattern examples, Grace's "Perfect Fabric Gray Scale", and her "Value Tool". Kit fee payable in class: $20.00

Supply List

Enrollment Fee: $75.00 / seat
Open Seats: Only 4 seats left!


Images shown are samples only and may not reflect the exact piece created in class.