2016 Show Winners

Best of Show:

"Ladies of the Sea" - Robyn Phelps

1st Place Art:

"A Moment In Time" - Monica Rapp

2nd Place Art Quilt:

245- Athena Brandon

1st Place Traditional Applique:

"Baltimore Autumn" - Betty Dinan

2nd Place Traditional Applique:

"Applique Affair" - Robyn Phelps

1st Place Traditional Pieced:

"Golden Wedding Quilt" - Nancy Manion

2nd Place Traditional Pieced:

"Starburst at Midnight" - Mona Beck

1st Place Embroidered:

"Fancy Feathered Stars" - Shireen Hattan

2nd Place Embroidered:

"Chicken Scratch" - Mary Jo Kelso

1st Place Miniature:

#130 Janet Stevenson and Joyce Parker

Youth Quilt:

#351 Toni Ayala

1st Place Modern:

"Toalla de Playa" - Suzanne Appleman

2nd Place Modern:

"At the Intersection of Pinwheel Ave and Flying Geese Rd" - Karen Griebe

1st Place Primitive:

"No Snails Allowed" - Judy Uyemura

2nd Place Primitive:

"2015 Buttermilk Basin BOM" - Wendy Held

1st Place Mixed Technique:

"Only God Can Make a Tree" - Louise Meeks

2nd Place Mixed Technique:

#269 Patti Rusk

1st Place Wall Quilt:

"Polly Pocket's Feathers" - Kathleen Whipker

2nd Place Wall Quilt:

"Fall Bounty" - Annemarie Sprinkle

First entry in a Quilt Show:

"Animal Adventure" - Roberta Palser

Judges Choice for Ann Turley:

#317 Peggy Couvrette

Judges Choice for Mary Tabar:

#330 Carolina Moore

Judges Choice for Christal Carter:

#345 Carol Neely

Best Stationary Machine Quilted:

"Freedom" - Sondra Gordinier

Best Track Mounted Machine Qltd:

"Steel Image" - Debbie Lawless

Best Use of Thread:

#347 Lorrie Ayala

Presidentís Choice:

#300 Deborah Fitch

Viewer's Choice:

1st Place Quilt Challenge:

2nd Place Quilt Challenge:

1st Place Block Challenge:

2nd Place Block Challenge: